What is SignDesk

SignDesk is a communication and information channel, a module for distributing video, with informative and commercial content.



SignDesk is a client-server application.
  • Advertisements can be broadcast on a daily or hourly basis on location groups or on the whole network;
  • The content can be customized dividing it on as many categories as the client wants
  • the most common being: informative news recreational news sponsored news adds and commercials crawl. The news and the commercials are charged by the number of displays/ hours/ locations;
  • Realtime broadcast reports for each location.
On the server side it is a web-based application which coordinates all the locations in the system.

With this application, from a central point, there can be made the following operations:

  • Registering locations in the system;
  • Different setups for each location;
  • Visualizing the network’s running status;
  • Defining the content templates;
  • Centralized administration of all the network’s playlists;
  • Managing all the parts that provide network functionality (screens, computers, switches, video distributors etc.);
  • The customer support can be managed through the ticketing module;It can issue broadcast reports.
On the client side, we use a software consisted of SignDesk Engine and SignDesk Player
  • SignDesk Engine provides communication with the application server, where it gets the information on what to broadcast next, on the broadcast duration, specific settings for each location, playlist administration and organization.
  • SignDesk Player takes over the playlist from SignDesk Engine and displays the information on screen.

Why choose SignDesk

Simple planning

SignDesk offers a more simple way of planning the information and can be easily understood (by the client and the provider), using the commercial programming per hour.

Scalable product

It’s a scalable product, user friendly, easy to customize.

24/7 reliability

SignDesk networks have 24/7 reliability, without the need for constant supervision and maintenance.


  • It informs and shortens the time of waiting for the target audience;
  • It increases the client's sales;
  • It increases the efficiency of marketing and merchandising strategies;
  • Efficient sales system for the clients;
  • Alternation of advertisements and content so that the target audience maintain its interest;
  • Administration with a small number of users. A single person can efficiently administrate the system. The system administration can have remote access;
  • Can assure content on screens 24/24 even without internet connection;
  • The control of all player data (content
  • crawl etc) is made through a common management system.

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